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Document security with regard
to the law and audits

Will documents managed in store+find stand up to scrutiny by auditors?

It's not possible to answer this question with a straightforward yes or no, because an electronic document management system cannot be given a blanket certification to say the documents archived in it cannot be changed and will thus withstand scrutiny by an auditor. Instead installation of any electronic archive should be inspected by a third-party expert, such as an auditor, if tax-related documents are to be archived. In the process consideration should be given to global implementation of the solution, not just to hardware and software, but also to the organisational rules.


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store+find is a compact, reasonably priced electronic data management system specifically for SMEs. Unlike complex document management systems (DMS) or archiving solutions, DEVELOP's store+find can be installed in no time, and its user-friendliness makes it child's play to use. store+find lets you capture and store invoices, accounts, business correspondence, files and other mundane documents in electronic format. It works seamlessly with the ineo range of multifunction systems and can be integrated without difficulty into your workflow.
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