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Head start

The benefits are clear from installation

pic_sf_info_schnell.jpgThe benefits of store+find start with installation. Although in the case of many solutions this may be very time consuming, DEVELOP's store+find can be installed by your dealer in no time at all. No more than 10 minutes are required for implementation and a brief training session (provided that you operate .NET Framework). Obviously, in addition to saving time, this also saves additional expense.

Comprehensive functions

pic_sf_info_umfangreich.jpg  store+find automatically stores documents, which can be quickly found again using key words or indices. store+find also offers the option of a full text search within a document. Documents can also be stored in a very wide range of file formats. Electronic documents can simply be added to store+find, or imported direct from MS Office, which saves time, and is sometimes easier on the nerves too. Just a click of the mouse lets you import e-mails direct from the e-mail programme into the electronic file, and the follow-up function makes it possible to furnish saved documents with a follow-up date, in order to automatically make them available to the user at the right time. This function is sure to be beneficial, especially for agreements and contracts with fixed dates!

All the benefits at a glance

One solution - four versions

There is a choice of four versions of store+find – "Team", "Business", Enterprise" and "Enterprise Plus" – incorporating different functionalities and levels of scan volume, which offer many possibilities depending on customer circumstances and company size.



pic_sf_info_version_team.jpgPredominantly suitable for small businesses with one to three employees, which want to store their documents electronically without investing a lot of time in a complex installation.


pic_sf_info_version_business.jpgPrimarily designed for businesses with several departments, which value functions such as direct import from MS Office.



Offers comprehensive functions such as rapid e-mail import and an integrated user administration which sets access rights to archived documents.

Enterprise Plus

Provides the full set of convenient usage and individualisation possiblilities. Especially useful for mid-sized environments. Deliver documents directly to any store+find destination at the ineo systems panel and configure your document folders to your individual demands!

Version overview

Direct indexing using the multifunctional system

The special thing about store+find is that an add-on (store+find embedded: 1 licence included in scope of supply), available for all four versions, means DEVELOP's multifunctional systems can be fully integrated into document workflow. After integration, keywords and index terms can be entered direct into the DEVELOP multifunctional system's display or via a connected keyboard. Previously, any incoming fax had to first be scanned and then sent to the workstation in question, where it was indexed and categorised. Only then could it be filed – four stages which takes four times as long. DEVELOP's new solution perceptibly reduces the time required, in that even before scanning documents can be indexed and categorised direct in store+find, resulting in considerable time being saved when filing documents.


Access with smartphone or tablet pc

Today smartphones or tablet pcs are already used in many companies for working purpose. In order to manage calendars, creating and accessing documents and notes. When working with mobile devices all required information and documents should be available anywhere at any time. But what will occur when documents are centrally stored on a document management system and there is no opportunity to access them with smartphone or tablet pc?

s+f_screen_e_150px.pngThis is not only interfering with the work routine of some employees, but can also harm the security of documents and information. In order to enable working with the mobile device, employees often store important documents on the memory of the mobile device or on a web based cloud service. Especially when employees bring their personally-owned mobile devices to the place of work (BYOD-principle), stored information may get lost when employees retire or diverge. Therefore a lot of unique information remains on the memory of the mobile device or on an unknown online server, but not in the company.

The store+find Mobile App puts this to an end. It enables a convenient and secure access to all documents and data stored in store+find. Search, find, preview, print, store, and send via e-Mail. All important functionalities known from store+find can be found in the mobile app .This is very comfortable for the user and additionally avoids unintended loss of information.


Time saving for small and medium business

In short, with store+find DEVELOP provides a simple, quickly installed and attractively priced electronic document management system for SMEs, for whom current products on the market were far too complicated or expensive. store+find even provides the option of integration into DEVELOP multifunctional systems with store+find embedded. The benefits for day-to-day operations include time saved as a result of direct document capture using the MFP, rapid retrieval of business documents at the touch of a button, and use of four versions of an adaptable system, which grows with your requirements.

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store+find is a compact, reasonably priced electronic data management system specifically for SMEs. Unlike complex document management systems (DMS) or archiving solutions, DEVELOP's store+find can be installed in no time, and its user-friendliness makes it child's play to use. store+find lets you capture and store invoices, accounts, business correspondence, files and other mundane documents in electronic format. It works seamlessly with the ineo range of multifunction systems and can be integrated without difficulty into your workflow.
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